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My name is Cally Hill, I have lived in Standlake pretty much all my life with some brief times away. I was actually born in the house that I currently live in with my family. I also attended the local primary school.

I now live with my family - my husband, Graham, my eldest son, Harvey, my daughter, Freya and my youngest addition, Albie. I regularly attend Standlake toddler group and many other groups in the area.

We are very much a home from home setting (all bar a lot of toys!) I childmind from my sitting room and dining room. The children do not have access to upstairs as I like to keep this space for my own children to go to. We go out a lot and have many outdoor experiences including various walks around the lakes behind my house puddle splashing or looking for wildlife.

I am very proud to have been part of the building of the play park in the estate that was started from a couple of little chats with my friend. We created our own working committee that the parish council then get involved with and lead us. The park is a fantastic resource and we visit regularly

As a family, we liked to spend time outdoors. We try to fit in at least one family camping trip a year.

We enjoy Geocaching, which is a form of treasure hunting that you can do anywhere in the world.

On 28th January 2015 I received a GOOD OFSTED rating, the full report can be viewed Here

Some of my favourite activities to do with the children are:

Drawing and Colouring

Gloop (cornflower and water)


Painting and sticking

Nature Walks/Puddle Jumping

Water and Sand play in the garden.

Baby's Days online management System

Im now using a system called Baby's Days to log all childrens EYFS progress on, this is a completely safe online system that allows you to also access all the information I record on your child's progress, only you and I can access your child's information and you are unable to access any other child's information.This means that I can spend less time on paperwork and more time with your children. For more information please take a look at their webpage.

Have you already received your login information, please use this to login below or ask me for information on how to login under a test child.


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